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Olivier Schreiber & Chao represents individuals in litigation, appeals, and negotiations against large companies and the government. If your civil rights have been violated, if you have been wrongfully terminated or harassed at work, or if you have lost money from a company’s wrongful conduct, the lawyers at Olivier Schreiber & Chao are committed to helping you get justice.

Key practice areas:
Employment Law
Consumer Law
Civil Rights
Civil Appeals


Employment: Obtained legal ruling that class of property preservation workers were misclassified as independent contractors.
Employment: Obtained jury verdict in excess of $2.3 million on behalf of eleven workers misclassified as independent contractors in the property preservation industry.
Employment: Settled class action in the seven figures for cargo employees of an airline company.
Civil Rights: Obtained a settlement in which a university agreed to equalized athletic opportunities for women over a compliance period, and to establish a fund to develop women athletes.
Employment: Settled class action for $3 million on behalf of salespersons misclassified as exempt employees at an internet service provider company.
Employment: Settled sex harassment claim for seven figures on behalf of female employee subjected to unwanted touching.
Civil Rights: Obtained a victory in civil rights case guaranteeing a prisoner his constitutional right to religious-compliant meals.
Employment: Settled a sexual assault, harassment and retaliation case following a jury verdict of over $800,000 which included the company’s commitment to a thorough outside review for investigations involving allegations of rape or attempted rape in the workplace.
Employment: Settled sex harassment claims on behalf of female employee subjected to unwelcome sexual invitations from supervisor via company chat system; case settled for six figures shortly after complaint was filed.
Consumer: Settled a $8.5 million class action on behalf of over thousands of consumers who had tax refunds seized to pay alleged “debts.”
Employment: Settled race harassment claims for a quarter of a million dollars on behalf of employee subjected to pervasive and unwelcome “jokes” at work about minority groups; employee had worked at the company for one year.
Employment: Settled age discrimination and misclassification claims for a quarter of a million dollars on behalf of terminated employee of major Silicon Valley technology company.
Civil Appeals: Settled a fair housing dispute on behalf of a disabled adult who alleged he had been denied housing due to his disability.
Employment: Settled disability discrimination claims for over half a million dollars, brought on behalf of terminated executive who had requested medical leave.
Employment: Settled class action for half a million dollars, after prevailing on a contested motion for class certification, against major restaurant chain on behalf of restaurant workers for break violations, split shift pay violations, and paystub violations.
Consumer: Settled an $18.4 million class action brought under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) on behalf of a class of individuals with expunged criminal records.
Civil Rights: Obtained a victory in a Title IX appeal that eliminated procedural hurdles for individual victims of discrimination and ensured broad access to Title IX remedies.
Employment: Settled a $13.5 million class action against a well-known ice cream maker for failing to pay workers’ wages for time spent putting on mandatory safety equipment and for break violations.


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